Books on the Classification of Living Beings

Books on the Classification of Living Beings

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Bibliographic indication for Classification of Living Beings

Books on classification of living things (indicated bibliography):

Biology 2 - Higher Education Bodies - Classification, Structure and Function in Living Beings

Author: Amabis, Jose Mariano

Publisher: Moderna

Five Kingdoms - An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth

Author: Schwartz, Karlene V .; Margulis, Lynn


Classification of Living Beings Volume 1

Author: Santiago, L. R

Publisher: Degaspari

Concepts of Biology / Classification / Structure and Function in Living Things

Author: Amabis and Martho

Publisher: Moderna

Living Beings Origin and Classification

Author: Ometto, Ana Carina Fernandes

Publisher: Democrito Rocha

Everything in the Sea Has on Earth: The Classification of Living Beings

Author: Silva, Gláucia Oliveira da

Publisher: Funarte

Living Beings and Environment


Publisher: Harbra

Science - Understanding Nature - Living Beings

Author: Sasson, Sezar; Sanches, Paulo Sérgio Bedaque; Silva Jr, Cesar da

Publisher: Saraiva