Avocado: Vegetable Fat Source


In our body, the main function of fats is to provide energy and help in the transport of non-soluble vitamins.

Importance of fats in the body

Important for stimulating the chemical reactions that occur in our body, fats can be in saturated or unsaturated form, the difference between them will be in their composition and the way they affect the body.


They can be of animal or plant origin. Animal foods are saturated fats and tend to raise cholesterol levels.

In the case of vegetables, for the most part, the type of fat obtained is unsaturated, healthier because it helps prevent heart disease.


Cholesterol is a type of fat that is present in animal foods. One of its functions is to participate in the formation of hormones.

Appropriate blood cholesterol levels in an adult are known to be total cholesterol below 200mg / dL, LDL below 100 mg / dL, and HDL above 40 mg / dL.