Fox: A Carnivorous Mammal

Summary of Key Information and Features:

- The fox is a carnivorous mammal (basically based on meat from other animals). It feeds mainly on small rodents, rabbits, fish, eggs, fruits and insects.

- Fox habitats are temperate regions. We can find this animal in North America, Eurasia, Australia, northern Europe and northern Africa. They choose places to live where they can find food in large quantities.

- Most species have thin snouts, pointed ears, hairy tail and small triangular eyes.

- A healthy fox lives on average 10 years old.

- They store food in various hiding places.

- The main species are: steppe fox, red fox (better known), arctic fox, gray fox, eared fox, field fox and island fox.

- They have dense and soft hair, which covers the whole body.

- Have twilight and nightlife habits (when they go out to hunt and reproduce).

- Like dogs, they developed a very sharp nose.

- Between December and March is the breeding period of foxes. Gestation lasts between 51 and 53 days. Each female gives birth to 2 to 5 pups per pregnancy. Male and female take care of the puppies.

- An adult fox usually weighs 6 to 10 pounds (male). Females weigh slightly less (4 to 8 pounds).

Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Philo: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Canidae