Pecilothermal animals

Sea Turtle: Example of Pecilothermic Animal

What they are - biological definition and main characteristics

Pecillothermic animals, also known as "cold-blooded" animals, are those that have a mechanism in their body that adjusts their temperature according to the temperature of the environment. When it is hot the body temperature of these animals rises, and it goes down when the ambient temperature drops.

Examples of Pecillothermic Animals

- Reptiles: turtles, lizards, snakes, snakes, etc.

- Amphibians: frogs, frogs, tree frogs, newts and salamanders.

- Fish and sharks

- Insects: flies, butterflies, bees, mosquitoes, etc.

Snake: Other Examples of Pecilothermal Animal

And those that are not Pecilothermal?

Animals that maintain constant body temperature are called homeotherms. In these animals, body temperature is constant, regardless of the temperature of the environment. Mammals (including humans) and birds are examples of homeothermic animals.