Questions about the Classification of Living Beings - Kingdoms

Questions about living things (classification)

Living Classification Questions (answers at bottom of page)

1. Which of the following presents only organisms that are part of the Protist Kingdom?

A - Green algae, red algae, euglena and paramecium.

B - Bacteria, viruses, fungi, blue algae and plants.

C - Cyanobacteria, parasites, amoebae and eubacteria.

D - Fungi, planarians, archaebacteria and chimeras.


2. Bacteria, which cause various diseases in humans, are part of which realm of living beings?

A - Protist Kingdom.

B - Fungi Kingdom.

C - Monera Kingdom.

D - Kingdom Plantae.


3. They are eukaryotic organisms, obtain food through absorption, besides being heterotrophs. Which characteristics refer to which kingdom to be alive?

A - Monera Kingdom

B - Fungi Kingdom

C - Animalia Kingdom

D - Reino Plantae


4. What protozoa and amoeboids are part of which kingdom?

A - Monera Kingdom

B - Fungi Kingdom

C - Reino Plantae

D - Protist Kingdom


5. Which of the following presents characteristics of living things that are part of the Plantae Kingdom?

A - They are unicellular, prokaryotes and have no tissues.

B - They breathe through the skin, are unicellular and do not perform photosynthesis.

C - They are organisms that perform photosynthesis, they are multicellular and eukaryotes, besides having tissues.

D - Photosynthesize, live in colonies and transmit various diseases to humans and other animals.